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Android Device Manager For PC Software Download


Are you worried about losing your android. Yes it is a matter to worry about. People have lot of things over their phone and they should be secured. In case the phone get misplaced or lost, then it is a matter to worry about.

Have you heard about the android device manager?

It is the tool or the software which can help protect the information inside the phone when it is lost. Not only this, it can also help you to locate the device and track it down. This tracking is being done by the Google account easily. In case you want to set a new password, well this software can help you to reset it or even erase the password or history in case you lost it forever.

So isn’t it a very useful device for the phone? Obviously we all will agree.

Specifications of the software

Now get to have a glimpse of the technical specifications of the software:

  • Name of the software: android device manager
  • Author: Google
  • Version: 1.4.4
  • Published date: February 2017
  • Operating systems: Android
  • Size of the file: 1.7 MB
  • Name of the file: external file
  • Price of the software: free

So the best part of this software is that it is completely free and also comes with the android smart phones and tablets. In those devices you don’t need to download or even install the software.  But in case you are not having it, then download it and get it on your phone right now. I have discussed some of the very common question about the android device manager.

Few common questions of the android device manager

The first thing that comes to our mind is the accuracy of the program. Well no software can be exactly accurate. But it varies slightly from the actual location. But that is quite within reach.

But it is not working on it’s on. You have to sign in through the Google account and keep the location on the phone on too.  Thus it runs on certain condition but you have to keep the system or the device ready for its use always.

When it is the matter of compatibility, the software supports only the android systems. The version of the android can be the latest one and also with the foyer or the 2.2. The latest android phones will have the device manager in default and need not to do anything to activate it.

Account to get access

But in order to use the device manager, you have to create an account with the Google and sign into that account. There is the provision of the drop down menu from where you can choose the types of account that one can open their account.

To get access you can take the help of the PC and open the account. Then you have to go to the device manager account. From there you can easily get the features of the phone. You can get the locking and unlocking of the phone, changing password or even safeguard the password and data on the phone.

What to do without GPS?

But always make a note that you have to keep the GPS of the phone switch on. In case the GPS is switch off, then it will not be able to do anything even when you have everything. So it is must to keep it on always. You never know when you can misplace it.

Wrapping up

So now these kinds of software are helping people to get its advantages. Make use of these software and you can get the feedback too. Losing a phone is a great loss as it is now having huge data that are personal.

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