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Disk Drives: What You Should Know


Everyday technology takes a leap up, it keeps evolving and so does the disk drive. I am talking about the micro device we rely on mostly every day. That small part of your computer has developed from a tape that it was before to a micro device that you can store a very enormous amount of Data on. The first sets of computers couldn’t keep much data, in terms of storage.


And before computers came, everything was done manually and when computers came, all the disk drives then were external devices, giving companies the ability to store their data on external devices only. This gave the stress of security. They needed to be carefully locked safely when not needed and brought back out when needed. Magnetic disk drives was one of the first disk drives, few people today know about it.


The Magnetic drive allows the computer users keep high amount of data. The reel had a very lond string of tape which could house more than eight thousands punch cards worth of data and information.  In that time it was a lot, today it won’t cover a full day’s work. Floppy disk came, it was made in the 1970s. it could store a high amount of data, more than the Magnetic disk.


A good example is the Printer. Printers send and receive very little amounts of information over the network. Video streaming and online gaming on the other hand, uses a lot of bandwidth. From the servers the data is accessible to every computer in the building that is given access, this reduces how much is saved in the individual computer. CDs were also able to carry a lot more data and were not much in size; thin and lithe, much easier to carry around. They were useful for gaming too, allowing game designers and inventors to sell their games to computer users with easy installation procedures.

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The floppy disk could keep up to four hundred and eighty kilobytes of data, obviously much higher than the Magnetic disk and another advantage was its compressed structure. This enabled computer user to share information by swapping disk drives from computer system to another computer system. In the 1980s a smaller floppy disk drive was invented. They were designed in hard plastic and were 3.5 inches. Computers being just manufactured without disk drives a few years back, these floppies remained in computers for as long as about three decades and are still used, although rarely, by some users today. The next advancement on computer was the CD rom or compact disk drive, a new and exciting introduction which improved the storage problems and speed. Users were able to save a document to CD and in no time unlike the Magnetic and floppies that took time.

It sped up the saving process a lot and could hold large amount of information. One other benefit is that DVDs are editable, saving companies cost of not having to replace the DVDs every time backup is needed or a file is needed to be saved In year 2000 SD memory cards were introduced to the world. These came as small and encrypted cards, which were available from thirty two and sixty four megabytes up to two terabytes. They are mainly used today in smartphones and tablets and Cameras. Companies these days, rely heavily on external drives, because it reduces how much they keep in their computers. External disk drives allow them save data and also let them share without taking their computer systems with them. Internal disk drives are used a lot, mostly in servers. Some businesses that use servers chiefly, will keep a number of top disks, which are used to store all important data and information.

If most of your devices are used for high bandwidth tasks.

You should think about buying a high end device.

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